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Saturday, June 28, 2014

...hamesha forever!!!

There came a strong gust of wind, brought along wet wings,
Stood still we both hands clutched, took away the heart that sings.
Strange was the blue sky, so blue was it!
There was red, but not a single cut, scar or slit.

Found a safe branch shade just to hide,
No time I took to just slide.
As I kept my head on him,
I could clearly listen both our hearts beat aloud on the brim.

The silent silence could engulf the violent violence,
Our naïve timid hearts were mum without any sense.
The sudden thud had shaken us, but not our hearts,
Had distanced our touch, but definitely not our hearts.

I lifted my eyes just to see the storm outside and if my love was fine,
Tears rolled down when I saw the storm inside him hidden by his enchanting smile like the red wine.
Seized him tight into my soul, I reassured.
But in return he held like a strong pillar of love and in return he himself assured.

I was surprised with the strength that my love showed and held my hand never to let go,
That helped me pull up and found a way for both not to be low.
Happy days are here, and much happier days are yet to come is what he said,
I took a long breath and we both smiled and were proud of the romanticized aid.

Life uplifted us to the next stage of the movie,
Time will come soon, turning I Me into We.
Secured, guaranteed and plugged together the theme of life,
Days of happiness and smile will dance around after a little bit of strife

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