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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Innocence Thy Name Is Children!!!

Something twisted his brain cells and made him as uneasy as a fish brought out of water. Everyone wondered and pondered to find out what it was. He with his heavy load in his head and bag marched out of the school gate leaving the guard to nag.
His sole rubbing rubbing the hard surface like an axe roughly cutting the edges of a log. His hand loosely hung as if it was boneless or a shirt hanging in a hanger. His hair ruffled and entangled looking as if the sky wore golden coloured bangles. His watery eyes popped out as a waterfall about to gush out. His socks falling down as he walked like a snail. He was as lonely as a single dried leaf in a dry tree.
His innocent face started turning into a red roast, when he entered a lonely haunted dark, yet a very bright lane. Engrossed in his thoughts he lost his way. He entered the old red bricked mansion, whose shadows fell on him as a huge giant teasing him of his worries. The blaze of the sunlight slapped his face and echoing scary sounds pierced his ears. His bag slipped off his shadows as he loosened as a helpless wandering, yet an inquisitive bird.
The rustling of leaves, chirping of birds and howling of dogs scared the hell out of him. He kept turning from left to right and right to left just to find a thin beam of hope. Crystals started trickling down his cheeks.
He again started greasing his sole and walked like an injured hen. Suddenly he didn’t realise that he had come out of the scary den, but he continued sobbing and walking slowly with searching eyes, drooping shoulders and the same loose socks.
The breeze started singing, flowers started smiling along with the lad who started twinkling and shinning. Slowly ruffling his own disturbed hair, he started to gaze at the out pouring beauty of nature. His eyes brightened when he saw a baby rabbit instigating him to play with him. In a jiffy of a second, he threw his bag and ran after that rabbit. As the little boy tapped his baby feet, the dead leaves turned green, upset roses became blood red and lazy butterflies started flapping around him. The sky bent down on the boy. The trees danced to the tunes of his smiles, the wood pecker, pecked the branch to the moves of the lad. He started to giggle and scream with happiness and joy. He forgot all his worries and the scary scene as another beautiful scene was captured in his memory through the camera of his innocence. The birds became his best friends, butter flies his dance partners and trees held his tender body when he got tired of having fun.
“Innocence thy name is children”


Mayz said...

I really like the analogies you have used in this post.

been a sucker for analogies always...n u have painted them using a beautiful flow of words.

esp *His hair ruffled and entangled looking as if the sky wore golden coloured bangles.* BRILLIANT!!!

sudeshna said...

simply awesum dear.....

Baruni Rath said...

Thanks Mayank...Im sure I am no where near to what you write...:)

Thank you Sudeshna

Ranju said...

Superb work dear!!! Keep writing... From the title, throughout ur imagination, till the end- Just too good!

prag said...

wo!!!!!i nva knw dt u cld write sooooooooooooo wweeellll......u were knwn only as a painter n a wondaful dancer....jus dint knw dt u hd hidden talent of writg....u gv me a shock....n d post IS AWESOME!!!!!

Baruni Rath said...

Thanks a lot...:)

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