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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

You change the world or the world will change you!!!

At this catch22 situation where everything is improving and enlarging in leaps and bounds, where the world is becoming a sparkling super power, well who cares to make it beautiful! When we were children we were taught to bring in the difference for which we will be remembered and adored who knew then that in the march of changing the world we would drown ourselves and the difference comes within us. And we forget to judge if it is a positive or a negative one, we just give in so easily to be the fastest rat in the race. In our fast pacing lives we tend to forget minute of things that actually matter. Under the cozy, not so important furry blanket the quintessence of life gets hidden and after a while fizzles out. But who has time?

 There’s the doctor so busy at work doing important surgeries, prescribing people but has forgotten his 2 year old who is unwell back at home. He even forgot that the little angel must be hankering for his love. There is this amazing philanthropist who helps millions and millions come out of their pain, but he has forgotten his ignored old parents who wait for him every night. Somebody please remind him of his real duty. There’s this famous entrepreneur who earns in every currency possible and has a sybaritic life for himself and his family but has no time to spend with his children, wife and parents. He has actually forgotten the real essence of life; it is certainly not in spending money, but actually in spending some quality time. We cannot say a NO to our bosses, we cannot displease our clients, and we have to differentiate between a smile and a smirk so that it doesn’t affect our pay check, but what about the genuine smile of your kid back at home? What about the real concerns of your mother? What about the pain that your wife takes at home to balance the sea saw of life? Yes we almost forgot. Just forgot!

Yes, we have forgotten many things today. We forget to Wish our loved ones on their special days and big and meek achievements, the real essence lies here, winning a smile as precious as the shining moon, the impeccable wavelet and the untiring lily. We sometimes forget that our words which are not so important in our dictionaries hurt people to the core and we forget to say Sorry. Sometimes it is the mountain of ego that stops us and many at times we fall short of time. And in this process we lose beautiful chapters of our lives and when we realize the clock of life becomes as ruthless as the stormy night and without a pause goes on destroying our gardens of love by stumping on the emotions, stamping on the feelings and leave our hearts stooped. So what? We forgot and did not care to save it. We even forget to acknowledge people who have brought in a significant difference in our lives. The small boy at the traffic who made us smile once by bringing us flowers from nowhere, our friend who walked an extra mile just to reach us, our mother who spent n number of sleepless nights smiling just to watch us sleep or that random helping hand that once helped us get up when we had fallen down. We should never go back in gifting a Thank You. That doesn’t take away anything from us but adds value to our character. We even forget to say those words that fascinate us the most, I love you! We forget to tell our loved ones how much they are treasured and how precious they are. Yes, sometimes it is required to say than just to feel. It is so special to make somebody else feel special. Just by holding hands, looking deep into eyes and just say “I Love You”. There’s no use saying after they’ve left, there’s no point in expressing it 100 times after the milk is spilt. We must express it with them, when they are around and hold them close forever.

By regretting, you just regret, you get nothing out of it. So just live it today, we’ll think about the tomorrows tomorrow. Do it NOW! Feel it NOW Say it NOW. This is it and nothing beyond it.
In the hustle bustle of life, we actually tend to forget small things that actually matters. All of us are just flowing away with the flow; let’s make it the most beautiful wave rather than just a twiddle. The perfect blend of odds and smiles can make the best fruit punch of life. We all are looking for happiness sometimes in the wrong places. Let us make it an epic and mature like wine that tastes the best. Adore, Love and Express. Don’t support just smile and be there, just being there heels most of it.

After rain comes sunshine just as winter always turns to spring. But the spring blossom always depends on how well we are able to use the winter. So learn to brave the winter and greet spring with the best of us.

We are unique, Special and different we just need to bank on it…We can smile and be ourselves and win the world and yes change it as well.

now you decide if you want to change the world or let the world change you!


sandeep singh baghel said...
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sandeep singh baghel said...

good one...

but dont u think that ur influencing power might also be depends on ur surrounding environment...
sometimes u can change everything and give a new path, and at other times
u might have to live on the path of someone..
whom u truly respects and loves....

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