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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Woh Kitabon Wala Pyar...

Woh kitabon wala pyar…kitabon ke pennon se bahar…
A fairy tale, a drop dead handsome prince riding on a white horse to reach her princess and catch her forever and ever…Does this really happen? We experiencing nuclear inventions, IT and applied science enhancing and spreading its hold everywhere, are we supposed to believe in something like this? I think depends on us whether we are ready to take the risk or not. Sometimes, we get into something and after a while when we realize that we are not ready we start retreating without even thinking about the others associated as to how are they going to react or resist. If we cannot commit to consecrate then we have no right to drag anybody to a greater extent and die them out. It’s not that love stories don’t exist, they do, and successful ones do, just like the mills and boon and the Erich Segal kind. It is just the perception, be kind, God will be kind. When you become rude and harsh God shows the abrasive side. He has to be just after all.
Yahan se bahut door Sahi aur galat se par…ek maidan hai…main wahan milunga tujhe.
What we actually feel and is there in our heart, we must have the courage to speak it out and the conscious conscience to understand what is there in somebody else’s heart otherwise life would be meaningless and not that seamless. When we are in love we enjoy, stay loved and experience every moment without extremity and passion but when we get separated why do we curse the town for it? Why can’t we take the sole responsibility of the fiasco? Is it always the others who are responsible for the ill-luck that we face and the shock that we take up?
When we commit, we must stick to it like a cling and stay with the decision already taken forever. There’s nothing called a temporary or a passing relationship. It is surely not love, if it’s not forever.
Who zindagi hi kya jismein koi namumkin sapna Na ho…
We dream of so many things every day, every night, every moment, but the million dollar question is how many we actually proceed to live through and how much effort do we put into the materialization of our dreams. In the basket of innumerable dreams there are a few impossible dreams, we know that the chances of them turning into reality is 0.01%, but still we don’t lose hope and we continue living them. That’s the beauty of life. There are certain games we play, even when we know that we are going to lose and there are a few games we withdraw ourselves from, even though we know that the winner is just one and that’s us. Sometimes risking our lives makes us pay hugely, but playing too much with something as sensitive as life, takes away the most precious things and people; so we must always decide the rules in cohesion with God’s rule book and decision sheet.
Sometimes we don’t have the courage to accept and permission to feel what we actually want to feel because the veil of “should” comes in between. I wish we could have both at a time. No matter how confusing relations can be and how irritating they can sometimes be, the story has to be a little different and if there is a right time, it is now! And if there is anything called the ultimate truth it is this that we are witnessing NOW!
When we ignore true love that is the ultimate misfortune one can ever have. If we miss a single second or any clue and signal from love, we miss out a huge chunk of something great called emotions. If we can’t understand someone’s feelings and pain, we have no right to show anybody a rosy picture and drag them into an unending dark dead end.
Love is supposed to be reciprocated, embraced and understood. If we want to say someone that we love them, the time is Now and we must say it just now, If we wish to hold his/her hand, the time is Now and we must bank on the moment and not wait for the other person to initiate, If we want to say I love you, the moment is This and nothing else.
Sometimes it is actually required to go overboard and take the road less travelled to be different and to win the heart of our loved ones. Love is the beautiful dream that the most beautiful dream also dreams to dwell in the dream of the most alluring and undimmed dream.
… Mohabbat bhi bilkul zindagi ki tarah hoti hai… har mod asan nahin hota, har mod par khusi nahin hoti…par jab hum zindagi ka saath nahin chodte, phir Mohabbat ka saath kyun choden…
Love is the theme of life that makes us dance to the tune of the most melodious hymn and we get drenched in the love of our loved one who drapes us in the softest of yarn in to a single thread that acts as the strings of the best tuned guitar that plays the love songs and makes it a beautiful story. But, we must also know that hitches and tears are inevitable in love, in life. We should not lose hope and faith when the relationship is strangled and tested by God. We must be mature and considerate before drawing conclusions and terming things and people and turning a beautiful dream into an obnoxious nightmare.
There will be turn arounds, make them the turning points. There will be unpleasant talks, make them a fruitful discussion so that there won’t be the same problem in the future. But if the hobbles are not smoothened and stiffened it would be difficult to trek upon them when the actual tests come. Life doesn’t stop for anyone for that matter, but it hurts a lot. Then why do we stop loving? Why do we give up so soon on love when we still cling on to life? The idea is not to do away with the self once failed in love, but we must stitch the scratches and mend the ways so that the love swing always sways.
Never lose hope…keep loving and living the dream of love and passion.
Koi pyar kare toh tumse kare…tum jaise ho waise kare…koi tumko badal ke pyar kare toh woh pyar nahin sauda kare…aur saheba pyar mein sauda nahin hota
Loving someone for what they actually are is called real love. Cribbing about your partner’s hairstyle or minute things like that won’t help anyone form the beauty in a relationship. It must be pure and pristine, just you and He and nothing else must matter. Well! Little interventions sometimes seem to be romantic and sweet but repeating it every time becomes a pain.
So one must love the soul and not the body necessarily. The most beautiful people in the world are not with fair spotless skin or sharp features or a killer figure...they are the ones who can make the other person see the beauty of the world when they are around. They are the actual reason why we like dressing up, why we try and look beautiful/ handsome, why the simple moon in the sky looks extraordinarily beautiful and romantic, why raindrops seems to kiss us when they are with us, walking through the rain, why flowers seem to be talking to us, why there is the feeling of existence of the beautiful God in each one of us, why we bow down our heads while praying, why we pray. They are the reason why world seems to be so beautiful and why we love love.

So love your love like you’ve never loved anyone, bank on the moment that is now, and don’t wait for the right moment as the right is now and The Moment Is Now. When lost, neither the time will come back nor the loved one; may be then you’ll be left with nothing but to regret. So love, smile, and be happy…It is up to us how we draw our love story how we frame it, a beautiful story as in the books or a love-lost story.
Incorrigible it may become, but the feel stays as a sunny bright morning. Love is the most beautiful emotion in the world of feel. Love it with love; feel it with love and then No one can ever dare to cheat you in love.

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