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Friday, June 22, 2012

She waited...She smiled

…in the midst of the beautiful array of hues and the sparkle of the rain drops, she stood leaning on the wall looking at the unclear sky. There was a dark cloud above her that drenched her and her eye…she was waiting. Under the smiling sky she stood with eyes full of hope waiting for the horse ride and the swing that she always dreamt of. Her eyes did smoke away with blurring views and mental debates and reviews, but still she didn’t lose hope. She took two steps forward and sat on the woody stone, setting her gown and stifling her hair and putting it to one side. She got startled by the thundering and the sudden shrill. She tried hiding behind herself, lo! She couldn’t hide within herself. Suddenly she hid her face with her silky hair, abruptly, without thinking about anything she finely dressed her hair as she realized that she had disturbed her dressed hair. She had appareled for the charming charm, she couldn’t afford to look shabby. Ya...she smiled…at herself, or may be at a thought, a thought very private and dear and hers and theirs.
She got up with a restless expression, she was waiting, still! But there was no streak of anyone, anything or any hue. She started getting disappointed and creased her forehead. She lifted and talled herself to look into the street if there was any stride or tread, but she failed. She returned to her place and smile again, to another private thought was it? A little jump in her heart was it? Or a spark in her beautiful heart? It was the drizzle of sparkles on her face that brought in that beautiful smile and took away the crease on her forehead. She stretched her hand and danced to the tune of the rain. She actually danced to the color of red, of love, of the prince that she was waiting for. She could feel him and she could feel the beauty that draped her in the form of all possible colors and the unity of all emotions in the form of intimacy and love-filled smiles. She suddenly ran under a roof to save herself from getting wet. She had to look her best as she had dressed for the one, she was still waiting.
She cried, bitterly, she smiled, drenched in his love she waited for long and she smiled again, a new belief that drew her closer to love, that it is not end of everything. She convinced her deeply cut heart that her love is strong and very seasoned; it’s permanent and beautifully wrapped in the best of love wraps. She didn’t move, kept her hope alive and sat back.
“Seasons may come and seasons may go, but I’ll wait for you, for I can never the day I eyed your eye…Green is the fresh moment of the first feel and the first touch”
With her alive hopes…she ran towards her prince charming who ran towards her and fell on his knees to kiss her hand. He lifted her in his arms and sang the best lyrics and wrote the undying love story ever…
…When the ending is not happy, it’s not the end…and if it’s not forever, it’s not love. But, when it’s love it conquers the world.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Who I Am Makes A Difference!

Does it really matter what people think about us or what opinion they are creating about us? Yes. Sometimes, when it’s someone special, near and dear one but not for anybody and everybody. Love and respect them, those who deserve it and not them those who ask for it. Well if we do the other way round, we demean ourselves and people take undue advantage of us. We meet many people on the beautiful path of life, Our parent who love us more than God and who are more important than the universal director as well, Our friends who define, teachers who mold us, our life partner who defines love for us and many passerbys  and trespassers.
Someone has told very wisely, God cannot be present everywhere that’s why he created Parents, who love and care for us , Unconditionally, they are the ones who mold us and make us what we are and we owe our lives, success and everything that we become to them. They are the most permanent and inexhaustible part of our lives. People may come and go but they stay with us forever just like our shadow, I am confused may be they are within us and we are their shadows.
We meet many people Planned and a few unplanned in our lives’ itinerary. A few we call friends. First of all our best friends are our siblings. They stand by you, to correct you, guide you and love you like anything every time, every moment. They are our confidante and we rely on them blindly like a beautiful lyrical song. They save us from every unexpected and human made trouble and ignore our blunders as small mistakes.
Our friends who define us are a very very few. Though we meet many whom we call friends at some point or the other, but a few stay with us to be with us at every stage of our lives, a few since childhood and a few others as we grow up. They add a different hue to our lives.  We pour our hearts in front of them fearlessly; we fight with them, have fun, cry together, face the devil together and make the most beautiful picture for life. Well!!! There are always a few who are”FRIENDS” others just come and go, with their self interest and the play of life. We don’t need to tell them that we need them, they just come and hold our hands.
Our teachers, who play a very important role in molding one’s life, are an integral part of our lives. They tell us what is right and what is wrong and hold us soft and tender as we proceed to learn the lessons of life. Along with the lessons in the books they teach us a few very important lessons of life that makes our thought process and path processing clear and leads us towards an objective as all of us have come on earth for a purpose.
Our life partner, the special one, with whom we take the vows of life, to be together and be each other’s till death us do us part. He is the one who promises to be the one who will take care of us and the beautiful knot for life. He promises to love us more with each passing day and promises to be ours always. He is a God sent gift who wraps us with love, drapes us with world’s amazement and shows us the beauty of life when together.  
And…a few others who meet us as a lesson or as an experience, a few do leave an indelible impression for life long and a few others leave bruise for life as well. But what matters is to follow the mantra “Forgive and Forget” that will make life simpler and better. We need to sing the song of life anyhow, and then why not sing it with a smile. So what if there are people who test our patience like hell, So What if there are people wearing the mask of a friend and backstab us, So what if there are people who blame us for their mistake, So what if there are people who take undue advantage of us and leave us with experiences and lessons. So What if we bump into wrong people many times and fall and get hurt…We have a few others who unfailingly give their hand to pick us up, to wipe our tears and to take us in their arms to assure that everything is fine and life is still beautiful.
I thank every strand of involvement of people whom I’ve met till now, you have certainly brought in a difference in my life…Good or bad, it has certainly helped me to grow. As finally what matters is who I am makes a difference and everyone has played their parts in bringing in the difference in me as I walk on the path of life, with a few still with me, and a few others’ memories that, for some reason or the other are not with me.
And last but never the least God, who has created us , the adjustment bureau that he has created that shapes us and our life, decides who we should meet and with what purpose it holds, he is the director, guide, parent, lover, teacher, sibling and many times a simple passerby. We must treat everybody as a messenger of God, you never know, when we crash into the decider himself.
Never take anyone for granted, who knows when life take you for granted!

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