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Friday, September 5, 2014

Love Enchanting! engulfing smile with an ocean like pair of eyes,
You held me with your strong arms and truth of life sans lies.
Surprised me with your ever surprising way of making me smile,
Always caressed me and helped me walk an extra mile
...I live for your smile.

...your enchanting princely attire of love,
You spread hues of happiness in pink red and mauve.
How can you be...are you real?
Or you are surreal!
...I live to feel you...breeze breathe. laughed aloud, so majestic and infectious like the bee,
I felt like cuddling myself in to you, or with you to flee or silently glee.
Every time your eyes sparkle with joy of my love and shine,
I smile an extra time, coz I call myself yours and you realise you to be mine!
...I live to see you! held my hand and touched my soul, you said it's a vow!
Every time you speak the hundred words in your silent smile,
Your love makes me thank and bow!
I feel the luckiest one and the chosen star that God gifted me you
...I live to pray every single day for you

...every bit of emotion and every tinch of love you've gifted me,
Togetherness that you have entwined me with
Every single day with you is our 'day of love' 
Hold me forever, never to stay apart
...I live to love you and be a part of you

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