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Friday, December 22, 2017

Background Music

A few moments in life need a background music, like in the movies…
Life moves ahead through many corners of phases with highs and lows, strikes of pain, spark of happiness and loss of fine emotions.
It seems like yesterday when I used to sit on my dad’s shoulders and he used to take me around everywhere, tirelessly, with a broad smile and a sense of pride. How me and my sister used to spend hours together just laughing at many nothingness, sharing every bit of what was going on. And how I used to cuddle inside my mom and just listen to whatever she used to tell. Life used to be so simple. I still remember how small emotions used to matter the world. I can’t forget how me and my sister used to nurture a belief that Santa clause will come and put a gift in our socks which were hidden under our pillows, and then one fine day we realized it was our dad who kept that emotion alive by being our Santa clause. I was so upset then that there was no actual Santa clause dressed in red and white. My god!!! I created such a scene…hhpphh!!!. But my sister as usual, gracefully smiled at it. Now I realize, how true that emotion was, is and shall always be. My parents have always been that magician Santa Clause who have always granted each and every wish that came out of our hearts (loud or silent!), be it a small chocolate or the first gadget in fashion, be it my favorite little black dress as I grew up or getting me married to the love of my life. Yes! There was background music. Sometimes the violins played, many times the trumpet and yes there were flutes too.
Today, life is different, quite different. But my constants are still there with me steady, silent and strong. Life takes surprisingly different turns and we skip a few emotions. I keep grumbling, I wish I was a child again, life would have been so simple. There wouldn’t have been any competition pressure, I would have been free from balancing stunts and relaxed like a flapping bird in the clear blue sky. Few days back I asked my mom, why did I have to grow up and leave all my favorite emotions behind and lead a stressful life now? Why did I have to leave my home? Can’t I go back to the little bird I used to be? Can’t I be a child again? Can’t I just stay protected in your shell forever?
She replied- My baby! Your blue sky will always be yours, no one can ever snatch it away from you. Your emotions are with you, they cannot leave you and go away. It is just that few things have taken a backseat and few new emotions have evolved and have taken different positions in the priority list. And that’s life. I was still not convinced. I hugged her and I said, I wish time just stopped.
She hugged me back and said- We are always with you, just like how the wings protect a bird, you will always be protected, you will always stay warm under our wings. We won’t let any storm touch your tender dreams. Look! If time had stopped, then how would you have reached your dreams? If time had stopped, how would you have met the love of your life, who has shown you a dream world of love?
There was background music again…
She continued- that’s the way of life. A beautiful sweet n sour soup, which has tastemakers of fun, challenge, love, pain and many other emotions mixed in it. Swirl with the flow and enjoy it.
Though I kept on rumbling, I was smiling again because I realized, Stars are always there in the sky as bright as ever, it is just that sometimes they get hidden behind the clouds. But they never forget their imprint, their brightness and their promise!

And, there was background music again, quite loud and clear with a musical muse on a sailing cruise…

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Aham ‘Brahma’smi

The scent of sandalwood and jasmine enticed me,
The happiness on their faces lured me,
The allegiance of hues and fire embraced me,
This is how I used to survive and showed my might to me.

I am endowed with glitters and scintillation
There is fame, fire and sensation
There are cymbals, drums, flutes and the plunged nation
I got melted and embraced all, seeing the venerated devotion

Hush…What did I see?
He snatched away my adornments, didn’t leave the jasmine too
Look! He took away my food for outlander for riches, what will I have?
He came masked and left me without my soul, how will I live?

He called himself my family, but separated me from my children
He has the currencies to sleep on, what will my child on the road do?
He fiddled with hearts and souls of my children, didn’t even leave me
But, yes I forgive you, that’s the penalty you have to pay

I am stretched, and left blank with tears of mire!
Will my loved ones come home to see me again, and call me dear!
Will they again fight with me, confide in me, share with me their fear!
Will they call me again their own, and show me the care and adore!

I am not confined to a trunk of a tree,
My soul, my children and my being is as the wide sky, immensely free,
I have the flaccid string in my hand; the wheel is yet to roll,
You will get your piece of pyre, but not at the cost of my child’s tear

My soul is neither a piece of stone, nor a trail of soft drape
My soul is neither the petal flower created by me
Nor it is the air and the water created by me
My soul is in my children, cannot be filched from within, you see!

…you fought against me and for me, but never realized I was there right inside you, indefinable, unsalable and unimaginable

“Aham Brahmasmi” “Aham Brahmasmi” “Aham Brahmasmi”

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My Land of Peace!

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.”
―from The Prophet by Khalil Gibran

…and I slowly opened my eyes to a wide teal-ish vivid undimmed sky, which seemed to have come closer to me just to greet and entwine its fanciful hands to wrap me into its serenity and poetic clinch. I hardly realized that I was bare foot, lying on bare flabby pricky patch of grass; with my long locks lying on the ground and my torso away from its being. I saw that multi-hued butterfly seamlessly fly above my face, trying to tease me, play with me or just trying to give me company in this bare pleasant burnished part of the day. I couldn’t miss those rare little birds chirp, trying to create a melody and articulating a flairy jinx. The same butterfly got confused with the floral print of my frock and started playing with it thinking that it’s her favorite flower. And then suddenly withdrawing thinking I don’t know what, but again getting drawn into the newness of the same artificial favorite flowery frock.
I was there after a long gap of a lifetime. It felt as fresh as a splash of ice cold water on a sunny sandy land. It felt like heaven…oh no like paradise…umm no…like a godlike place…no…I can’t delineate how it felt to be amongst the silent crowd of the soundless strain of lyrical tune. I walked towards the spring of the glittery shiny stream. I stretched my legs and sat on the soft patch to live through the cold tune of the wavy dancing waves.  Slowly tilted myself towards the lazy stream and ran through my fingers and played with the water. Just as I did that, witnessed the most beautiful picturesque visual brownie. The still wavy lyrical stream danced in a single plain beautiful string with the reflection of the maple tree on the propelling move.
Suddenly my attention was captured by the mustard patch which my vision got tired of looking at the end or the edge. It was huge, as huge as the open sky exposing a plethora of varicolored hues, windy euphony, sparkly splashes and what not. I ran my floral scarf through the mustard lyrics and saw a beautiful sun shine with lot of pride. I was happily tired expressing, witnessing and feeling amazed by the beauty and I lied down on the heap of harvested mustard. Thud! I lied down and saw a few chirpy minute birds fly away, they laughed and they were shy. I smiled back too. I shared my secrets with the tickling wind and the wind did reply in its own flair. We laughed and it echoed, we shared and it got reflected, altogether a mesmerizing painting splashed with the colors of all emotions portrayed.
…and as my thirst got quenched I closed my eyes again.

“Where shall you seek beauty, and how shall you find her unless she herself be your way and your guide?
And how shall you speak of her except she be the weaver of your speech?
The aggrieved and the injured say, 'Beauty is kind and gentle.
Like a young mother half-shy of her own glory she walks among us.'
And the passionate say, 'Nay, beauty is a thing of might and dread.
Like the tempest she shakes the earth beneath us and the sky above us”- Khalil Gibran

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Do you know!

Do You Know!

Do you know…I am already dressed in my shimmery trail of flow,
I am already adorned with the gold and shine, tip to toe.
My mother just put the red glittery shine vale on my head,
Shyly I stole my eyes away and couldn’t raise my eyes till the shed.

Do you know…My mother’s tears fell on the shimmer of my trail, I could see,
And I tried to search for it, to keep it safe in my treasure because she is the most precious for me.
But soon it got disappeared ‘coz my mother hid her tears behind her charming smile,
I know she is happy because it’s you, but still you are taking me away from her, far a mile.

Do you know…My father himself slid those bangles into my slender wrist, he wanted to do it.
I controlled my emotions when he did that, but he couldn’t and it tore my heart apart, but I hid,
He took me into his arms and wanted not to leave me away, never, ever, just like a small kid.
But then even he gathered himself and brought back that captivating smile and majesticness.

Do you know…My best friend, my soul mate, My Sister came running with my favorite teddy to pack,
She didn’t cry, but was happily upset to let go off me with you on a different track.
She has always been the strongest pillar, always right, inviolable, and as soft as a bird’s murmur,
She gave all the strength to all of us, but I was worried who will give the strength to her,

The pundit asked us to go to the holy place for the union wedlock,
And I thought as if I was choked right there and there was both a push and a pull, at the tick of the clock.
As my parents held my sides and took me there, I had a brain freeze and a numb feet,
A gush of emotions and a memoir of life swept away the feel of the moment, and was there to greet.

Grew up sitting on my father’s shoulders, shared my mother’s laugh,
I couldn’t understand the feeling of my crying heart, saw my heart tear into two half.
Asked God why he designed the world this way,
He answered, Oh my child! I did it so that you hold everything and not let anything to sway

Life is strange, a girl while tying the knot, has hundreds of thoughts swirling in her head, while she leaves behind her life, her freedom, her room, her curtains, her teddy, her smell and her name too. Finding a son for her parents is difficult, but lucky are they who find sons who stand by and let her stand by too. Do you know…You have to remember this and respect, because even I will remember and respect. A balance meant for life…because it’s very difficult for the girl, who steps out and craves to get back in.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Love Enchanting! engulfing smile with an ocean like pair of eyes,
You held me with your strong arms and truth of life sans lies.
Surprised me with your ever surprising way of making me smile,
Always caressed me and helped me walk an extra mile
...I live for your smile.

...your enchanting princely attire of love,
You spread hues of happiness in pink red and mauve.
How can you be...are you real?
Or you are surreal!
...I live to feel you...breeze breathe. laughed aloud, so majestic and infectious like the bee,
I felt like cuddling myself in to you, or with you to flee or silently glee.
Every time your eyes sparkle with joy of my love and shine,
I smile an extra time, coz I call myself yours and you realise you to be mine!
...I live to see you! held my hand and touched my soul, you said it's a vow!
Every time you speak the hundred words in your silent smile,
Your love makes me thank and bow!
I feel the luckiest one and the chosen star that God gifted me you
...I live to pray every single day for you

...every bit of emotion and every tinch of love you've gifted me,
Togetherness that you have entwined me with
Every single day with you is our 'day of love' 
Hold me forever, never to stay apart
...I live to love you and be a part of you

Saturday, June 28, 2014

...hamesha forever!!!

There came a strong gust of wind, brought along wet wings,
Stood still we both hands clutched, took away the heart that sings.
Strange was the blue sky, so blue was it!
There was red, but not a single cut, scar or slit.

Found a safe branch shade just to hide,
No time I took to just slide.
As I kept my head on him,
I could clearly listen both our hearts beat aloud on the brim.

The silent silence could engulf the violent violence,
Our naïve timid hearts were mum without any sense.
The sudden thud had shaken us, but not our hearts,
Had distanced our touch, but definitely not our hearts.

I lifted my eyes just to see the storm outside and if my love was fine,
Tears rolled down when I saw the storm inside him hidden by his enchanting smile like the red wine.
Seized him tight into my soul, I reassured.
But in return he held like a strong pillar of love and in return he himself assured.

I was surprised with the strength that my love showed and held my hand never to let go,
That helped me pull up and found a way for both not to be low.
Happy days are here, and much happier days are yet to come is what he said,
I took a long breath and we both smiled and were proud of the romanticized aid.

Life uplifted us to the next stage of the movie,
Time will come soon, turning I Me into We.
Secured, guaranteed and plugged together the theme of life,
Days of happiness and smile will dance around after a little bit of strife

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Silent Rain!!!

…and we sat with drenched feet
Beautiful indeed an emotion silent and calm, yet blasted with a flush of happiness,
Sat together sharing the air and the soil, love and smiles were no less,
Embraced us the lint and shine of the dancing clouds, could see the redness even in the haze,
Beautified the drops of love, smiling red sky and the swaying trees, felt like a gift wrap with a white lace

…and we were still there with drenched feet
Bright were my round eyes, and so were his hazel shine,
Silently he placed his eyes on me and with no words claimed to be mine,
Though the dark sky had overpowered the space, but his bright scintillating shine lit the whole place,
I was stuck to the place and so was his gaze

…and we sat with drenched feet
Thunder roared around the open space, leaped around and stood to corner like a scared rabbit was I,
Instantly came my prince with a shining armor and saved me from the nature’s roar, and left me too shy,
Both shared the cool wind and the silent moment, had to say, but I hated that our hearts had to lie
But it was conveyed and both sat down again with a lit heart and just wished to fly, very high

…and we again sat with drenched feet
It was the drizzle that danced to faster beats and the drops flowing down from the roof to wet our feet,
There was a sync rhythm that our hearts played and the water sang that dropped from the roof,
There was the wet verandah, a silent thought and the heavy rain to greet,
Moment was making us high, and never had the intension to bid an auf.

…and we were still sitting with drenched feet
My dupatta danced to the tune of the sway and wetted it with the water on the verandah stairs,
He took a relaxed stretch aback and kept the gaze at me affixed which took me to different world of flairs
There were our fingers entwined and the eyes did all the speaking,
I wished to go dumb and keep listening to his heartbeat to be in the moment forever, hearing

…oh yes! We were still sitting with drenched feet
He has a different flair of trapping just with his infectious smile,
It gives me the strength to go ahead on a tired day for an extra mile,
He is a gift of God wrapped with the shiny lace,
I am just so entwined with him, in his blaze

…and we sat with drenched feet
Thud! The lamp shed on the rack lit the brightest spark into our life track,
We still couldn’t understand whether the spark was lit in our hearts or just on the rack
Hand in hand we took the step ahead, not to turn back, safely placed my head on his shoulder like a silken sheet,
And now we were actually drenched in love and in rain, walked on the same path our drenched feet

Monday, May 13, 2013

i am too high!

Totally lost in you…am I too high?
I have to hold myself back, sigh!
I wish I could crash in to you and die
I don’t miss you, yes it’s a lie!

The bling in your eyes make me smile, tirelessly!
Your cornered looks make me fall for you each moment, inexhaustibly!
Your silent words make me go deep into you, unflaggingly!
If our tomorrow never comes, I’ll sit here and wait for you, untiringly!

The sparkle in my eyes is because of your smile,
The pep in my walk is because of your charm,
The sparkle in me is coz you define me,
The zing in my words is jus coz you are there

Totally lost in you…am I too high?
When with you I feel like fly…up high!
I wish I could crash in to you and die!
I don’t miss you, oh yes it’s a lie!

…there are a few unexplainable emotions that are just read by the right one. When life seems just picture perfect and every moment you feel like pinching yourself just to realize that it’s not a dream to fizzle out but a long lasting impression to rest on.
I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand on my hand…makes me who I am

Without you coming into my life, I wouldn't have known what the real meaning of loving and being loved is. You are always the reason behind my smile and sometimes when I smile with tears; it’s when I really feel thankful and lucky for having you.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

An extra effort...

“An extra effort can save someone’s life, a reluctant effort can spoil someone’s life and no effort can easily kill someone”
Every extra effort pays off hugely…is it true? Umm…well it does. It always does. Effort in everything we do carries respect along with it because not everyone is capable of putting in effort in what we do, because not everyone has the zeal to make others happy. We always find a reason to be happy, no matter what happens who cares for us, no matter who is stringed with us or who is going away from us, but how many of us try to make others happy? How many of us stamp our own wishes and go ahead in fulfilling others wishes. Hardly any, even I skip to do so in so many occasions. And later I regret. Well, we are expected to act then and there, after hurting someone or skipping a chance to make others happy; it doesn’t make any difference if we regret or try to pull down the moon.
Putting in an extra effort towards something, sometimes is a  small thing but mostly gives big smiles and happiness. Working women are treasured and applauded everywhere, but where and when are the housewives acclaimed for the untiring and hardworking efforts right from sunrise to sunset. She is the one who gets up first and makes sure that everything is ready before others get up, set breakfast of choice, make the children ready, set the kitchen and do household work with a broad smile. They are the backbone of a family. Their efforts are always uncounted. The extra effort that she puts in to bring a smile on her husband’s face after a long day, the pep in her child’s face after school and the exempted look on her in laws face is exemplary and worth appraising.
A mother is God’s gift, she untiringly works for the happiness of the family without a single complain, she builds her home with the best fragrance and beauty. After a tiring day at her workplace she cooks the best food, teaches her children and shares some quality time with her husband. The extra effort that she puts in to bind a family and keep everyone happy is commendable and worth recognizing.  She puts an extra effort when she stays up bright just to put her child to sleep who is not well. She puts in an extra effort to support her worried husband; she puts in an extra effort to be the best daughter in law. She works like a super woman with least expectation and very less reward.
Extra effort is sometimes treated as waste of time and many at times overrated also. When a young couple fights, there are hundreds of people around who take advantage of it and try to break it. There’s some sadistic pleasure that such people get out of it. But the actual fact is that when a couple lets others get into the compact bond, only then people get a chance to speak. When one of them is wrong, sometimes they quietly say sorry and put an end to the issue because they value their relationship more than anything else. But when they fight and let the west wind blow the love away what is required is “an extra effort”. An extra effort can save a relationship, it can be a song sung by you or going really over the top to make your better half smile, it can be  a small poem handwritten, or a small anything nothing or something. An extra effort always saves a dying ship from sinking. We just have to get ready to put in that effort. It doesn’t work when we are closed and disinterested. Every little thing becomes huge smiles, only if we want to put in that extra effort.
Friends are shining stars in our life who add different effulgence into our liveliness. We meet so many people in the course of our life, but everyone is not special. A few of them become our lifeline, a few of them give us a lesson of our life, a few give us our lives back and a few take our life away as well. But “an extra effort” can save a friendship and give it a mark of a life, but again we should be ready for it. It doesn’t make anyone small or big by saying a simple word sorry but it does save a treasured equation.                       
Every extra effort is extra, but along with it extra happiness and extra plus points also come. It might not give us the maximum output, but it will surely give us the emotion, the feel that we at least “tried”. Without trying there’s nothing achieved. What we get without pain and effort is not valued as much as a something achieved with effort, extra effort, pain and wait. But we need to identify what’s worth it.
An extra effort can make a crying baby smile, dying hearts revive, failing students survive, and dying relationships save. Let’s keep our selfish mode aside and make someone else smile every day, each day let’s make it a new day, because instead of losing someone special it’s more important to make them smile. We might not stop them, but we can be a happy memory in their crying heart. “An extra effort” always pays off, it might be a small pinch of sugar, but still it adds sweetness to someone’s life.

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