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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Emotions bhi kitne stupid hote hain...Logic hi nahi samajhte...

Emotions…stupid yet inevitable. They make us go down on our knees, they make us weep in wrong places, they make us giggle, they make us think aloud, they make us go away and come nearer, they make us do things we never thought of, and make us go on a path we never imagined of. Silly emotions!
But when we think about us without emotions we feel incomplete and unmanageable. But, sometimes we encounter situations when we find ourselves emotionless, being just a piece of plastic. Does it happen to you? It is sometimes called mood swings, a rough patch or just a phase. No one other than the person going through can actually define it. Anyway! Emotions…we go through so many different types of emotions everyday as meet different people, as we come across situations invited and uninvited, as we just walk ahead. There are pleasing emotions, saddening ones, thought provoking, simply provoking,  simple emotions, complicated emotions, unidentifiable emotions and the list goes on.
With every person we have an emotion attached. With our parents we have the best emotion attached, they love us with all our faults and mistakes. They never disown us for a hitch, undyingly and untiringly they hold us strong yet soft so that we don’t stumble in life. They lift us and make us walk again when we fall down, their smile is the best medicine to cure any hurt and it heels deepest pain in the world. They stand in front of our problems like unmovable mountains and these emotions make them as important as God because only God can be this compassionate and loving. Our siblings add another flair to our lives. She treats you the same as you were years and years back, a small kid. She just cannot stand when someone hurts her kid sister, she is like the strongest emotion binder, best friend, problem solver, a shoulder to cry on, best option to share a smile with or peels of loud laughter, she knows you through and through, she understands and holds you always. There can be no emotion like that of the bond of the family. It is incomparable and no other emotion can ever take this eminent position in life. They are the ones who teach us all other emotions. We learn, relate and feel from what we’ve learnt from them.

Then we meet many people in life through our journey, few called friends, acquaintances, teachers, love and a few other experience. People come into our lives either to be ours forever or to teach us a lesson. And every man is a teacher and we learn from everyone we meet, unfailingly.  Luckily I have very very  few friends whom I can call my own, forever, my 12 am friends and rest all are experience, some good ones and a few others who have taught me something or the other in the hard way. But, there are no hard feelings for anyone as life is too short to blame others, stay angry or to have hang ups. But then my all weather friends are the ones who understand me like family, whom I can call anytime in the day or night and ask them to talk, without even thinking for a second, who stand by me irrespective of my situation, who don’t judge me, who are with me just to be with me and not for my notes or for some help. Even if we dont speak for a long time, we know that we are stringed. "har ek friend, friend nahi hota hai" If I get an opportunity, I will thank them on national television one day.

Then comes another emotion that is overhyped in our filmy society way too much. The melancholy of the violin, the flowers falling from nowhere, the pehli mulakat, dil ka behekna , holding hands, be with a special one and all. I ve seen people falling in love in wrong places, in right places, with right and wrong people, in right places with wrong people and in wrong places with right people. But I don’t know what’s it like…whether an emotion, a necessity, a passing feel or just a way to hurt and break hearts. But to the limit that I’ve heard it is a great feeling and a sweet emotion to feel. But, the setting matters. Well! Loving someone is easy but standing by that person and promise for life is a test, which many fail that’s why they keep falling in love again and again and keep failing. And miss out the real essence as they miss out the right person because of mental blockages and overestimation concepts. But as people say, life moves on. But many don’t understand that a few get so hurt that their life stops because of selfish acts. This is certainly not love. But, giving a benefit of doubt, for the sake of good times, the string attached stays attached, unbreakable. But I don’t know what’s  love. It must be something alluring, that’s why everyone wants to be in it.
There are few other emotions that are unsaid but felt, unseen but sensed. They are the right connections with a lot of emotions. Our connection with a few strangers, whom we have met for a short span, or even never met, but still there’s an emotion string attached. A few people without even knowing you, understand you the best, because there are least hang ups.
I have always enjoyed all the emotions that have come my way, but today I feel emotionless and detached. There are said and unsaid incomplete chronicles. Living with a hope that lost springs come back this winter and life changes and becomes green again…another emotion, faith…hope…wish!

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