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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I want to scream and tell it aloud!

There are uncountable things that happen which has no meaning but still we relate every moment of it with our lives, some leave indelible impression and help us build a life and a few break us through and through and destroys the real us inside that tries to peep out and we slump it again and again. But still we don’t fall back; we get up after falling down and move ahead with the same spirit. But till when? Is there any limit to patience and blind trust? Is there a possibility to kill the love inside and turn into a vegetable? Till when can someone stick to a belief as a strong one and trust the foundation and love endlessly when every bit of happening and non-happening is against us? There is a strong bond that lights us up but what should someone do when that same emotion breaks you into pieces. There is a part of us which is in denial that there is nothing negative and everything is fine and a few obstacles come our way no matter what and we must stick to it as we love the emotion the most but there is another part in us which pushes us away to sink. I don’t know the limit and the limitations, but yes we must understand to understand.
The leaves won’t blow in the same direction tomorrow, the rose might not bloom in the same way as today, there might not be a blue sky over our head in the next moment and in the same way our loved ones may not be with us in the next “love” moment. So, we must not lose a chance to tell how we feel, to express our feelings, to put an extra effort, to save a dying love, to stop someone’s tears, to hold someone’s hand so that it doesn’t slip off, just take a step forward to hold her when she falls down; you might not find her with you when you need her next, she’ll be gone because she has always loved you more than possibilities and impossibilities.
I am a dry leaf, I’ve stopped breathing,
I have no reason to smile, I am just blinking.
I am a dead rose, I’ve no fragrance left,
I have less life in me, I might break any moment, I might drift.

I know there is green, but I’m not able to reach it,
You are the reason I smile, But you are far away.
I know there is fragrance, but I’m not able to hug it,
You are my life, But you are away and left me to sway.

Your smile makes my day and brightens my life,
Tears in your cheek tears my heart apart.
I want to hold your hand never to slip,
But you still feel lonely, when you know that I’m your raft.

I am human, I have feelings and I actually breathe,
Your love draws the best path for me, how can you not see it?
I feel pained when you lose the love rope and give up on faith
Your love is my strength that blows away my worries, how can you not see it?

There are many things that are left unsaid and unmolded sometimes but that should not be made as a practice, we should not forget that there are people who are ready to give up on their lives to see you smile. There might not be beautiful tomorrows but there are dreams of many. There may not be all the smiles of love and exclusivity but there are pictures drawn. You might be scared of the “What Ifs” and “Then Whats” but she wants to hold your hand as a reassurance and walk through the trodden and the untrodden. She wants to be the strongest pillar on which you can rely in a heartbeat; she wants to be that confidante on whom you can trust like no one else. She wants to tell you that everything will be fine and our dreams shall come true. Don’t shrug her off, she might just get hurt. She won’t show the deep cut, hide it behind her smiles, but she knows how hurt you are and that hurts her as well. Mr. Fate plays dirty games but yes…that fortifies a new doubtful bland apprehension. You won’t always get everything on a platter, sometimes you need to design it yourself with help, draw it, build it, mould it, paint it and finally set it…Right!
When she says that you are her world, trust her blindly because there’s nothing as serious as that to her. When she says that she can’t live without you, believe her, if she says so, then she just can’t. Yes people come and go and we learn to move on, but that doesn’t mean that we have to kill a beauty because of the fear of the colors turning into reality. But then we need to put in that extra effort to set the puzzle just right and enjoy the view of a long lived dream. Stop it if you can. Give it a chance if you can. Run behind it and chase it if you can…You never know what you’ll gain by holding on to it and what you’ll let slip out of your hands. It might be the most precious thing that God has ever gifted you with.
Yes of course it is time that strengthens a relationship and for that we need to have patience, trust and of course faith in the decider, hold his hands and walk through. But letting go off something beautiful and pure because of a non-existent fear is not done. You might not feel the love now, you might not feel it ever but don’t just avoid the other person’s feeling. But ya! When you realize it actually, it may not be the same situation, the same you, the same she, the same we. So don’t let it go when it is just in front of you, so close and just yours. Grab it and never let go.
You need to gather and keep it together if it is that important and special, and the day you take the decision just tell yourself silently that you were right.

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