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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

…as I sat by the rainy window

Ohh how beautiful indeed,
You’re here to hold on or to cede?
I wonder! If you were invited,
But yes, I don’t want you to fade.

What did you get for me this time?
A loud flash or a silent mime?
You’re as beautiful as the satin thread,
And as complacent as the reddish red.

The wind whispered the best hint,
The dew drops wrapped me with the best of lint.
Are these fugacious blossoms around?
Or is it a lasting deliberation firmly bound?

You made me smile with the purest of your drops,
And did make me jump like a baby, your shrilly silent props.
But it was not you who made me blush, for sure!
That was the surprising storm that you brought along with you to allure.

I am in love with myself or is it the shadow that you’ve got with you?
I think it’s me, beautiful, charming anew!
The constant brightness in my eyes says a lot,
Ne’er leave me and change the color, You are caught!

Love is a shadow dubious and mysterious…but so deep, special and just mine!

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Ashok said...

surreal but true...nice one...keep writing...

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