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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Aham ‘Brahma’smi

The scent of sandalwood and jasmine enticed me,
The happiness on their faces lured me,
The allegiance of hues and fire embraced me,
This is how I used to survive and showed my might to me.

I am endowed with glitters and scintillation
There is fame, fire and sensation
There are cymbals, drums, flutes and the plunged nation
I got melted and embraced all, seeing the venerated devotion

Hush…What did I see?
He snatched away my adornments, didn’t leave the jasmine too
Look! He took away my food for outlander for riches, what will I have?
He came masked and left me without my soul, how will I live?

He called himself my family, but separated me from my children
He has the currencies to sleep on, what will my child on the road do?
He fiddled with hearts and souls of my children, didn’t even leave me
But, yes I forgive you, that’s the penalty you have to pay

I am stretched, and left blank with tears of mire!
Will my loved ones come home to see me again, and call me dear!
Will they again fight with me, confide in me, share with me their fear!
Will they call me again their own, and show me the care and adore!

I am not confined to a trunk of a tree,
My soul, my children and my being is as the wide sky, immensely free,
I have the flaccid string in my hand; the wheel is yet to roll,
You will get your piece of pyre, but not at the cost of my child’s tear

My soul is neither a piece of stone, nor a trail of soft drape
My soul is neither the petal flower created by me
Nor it is the air and the water created by me
My soul is in my children, cannot be filched from within, you see!

…you fought against me and for me, but never realized I was there right inside you, indefinable, unsalable and unimaginable

“Aham Brahmasmi” “Aham Brahmasmi” “Aham Brahmasmi”

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