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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

An extra effort...

“An extra effort can save someone’s life, a reluctant effort can spoil someone’s life and no effort can easily kill someone”
Every extra effort pays off hugely…is it true? Umm…well it does. It always does. Effort in everything we do carries respect along with it because not everyone is capable of putting in effort in what we do, because not everyone has the zeal to make others happy. We always find a reason to be happy, no matter what happens who cares for us, no matter who is stringed with us or who is going away from us, but how many of us try to make others happy? How many of us stamp our own wishes and go ahead in fulfilling others wishes. Hardly any, even I skip to do so in so many occasions. And later I regret. Well, we are expected to act then and there, after hurting someone or skipping a chance to make others happy; it doesn’t make any difference if we regret or try to pull down the moon.
Putting in an extra effort towards something, sometimes is a  small thing but mostly gives big smiles and happiness. Working women are treasured and applauded everywhere, but where and when are the housewives acclaimed for the untiring and hardworking efforts right from sunrise to sunset. She is the one who gets up first and makes sure that everything is ready before others get up, set breakfast of choice, make the children ready, set the kitchen and do household work with a broad smile. They are the backbone of a family. Their efforts are always uncounted. The extra effort that she puts in to bring a smile on her husband’s face after a long day, the pep in her child’s face after school and the exempted look on her in laws face is exemplary and worth appraising.
A mother is God’s gift, she untiringly works for the happiness of the family without a single complain, she builds her home with the best fragrance and beauty. After a tiring day at her workplace she cooks the best food, teaches her children and shares some quality time with her husband. The extra effort that she puts in to bind a family and keep everyone happy is commendable and worth recognizing.  She puts an extra effort when she stays up bright just to put her child to sleep who is not well. She puts in an extra effort to support her worried husband; she puts in an extra effort to be the best daughter in law. She works like a super woman with least expectation and very less reward.
Extra effort is sometimes treated as waste of time and many at times overrated also. When a young couple fights, there are hundreds of people around who take advantage of it and try to break it. There’s some sadistic pleasure that such people get out of it. But the actual fact is that when a couple lets others get into the compact bond, only then people get a chance to speak. When one of them is wrong, sometimes they quietly say sorry and put an end to the issue because they value their relationship more than anything else. But when they fight and let the west wind blow the love away what is required is “an extra effort”. An extra effort can save a relationship, it can be a song sung by you or going really over the top to make your better half smile, it can be  a small poem handwritten, or a small anything nothing or something. An extra effort always saves a dying ship from sinking. We just have to get ready to put in that effort. It doesn’t work when we are closed and disinterested. Every little thing becomes huge smiles, only if we want to put in that extra effort.
Friends are shining stars in our life who add different effulgence into our liveliness. We meet so many people in the course of our life, but everyone is not special. A few of them become our lifeline, a few of them give us a lesson of our life, a few give us our lives back and a few take our life away as well. But “an extra effort” can save a friendship and give it a mark of a life, but again we should be ready for it. It doesn’t make anyone small or big by saying a simple word sorry but it does save a treasured equation.                       
Every extra effort is extra, but along with it extra happiness and extra plus points also come. It might not give us the maximum output, but it will surely give us the emotion, the feel that we at least “tried”. Without trying there’s nothing achieved. What we get without pain and effort is not valued as much as a something achieved with effort, extra effort, pain and wait. But we need to identify what’s worth it.
An extra effort can make a crying baby smile, dying hearts revive, failing students survive, and dying relationships save. Let’s keep our selfish mode aside and make someone else smile every day, each day let’s make it a new day, because instead of losing someone special it’s more important to make them smile. We might not stop them, but we can be a happy memory in their crying heart. “An extra effort” always pays off, it might be a small pinch of sugar, but still it adds sweetness to someone’s life.

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